With respect and appreciation for the extensive participation of all attendees in the First International Exhibition Event of Strong Iranian Disasters Management 2022, and recognizing the necessity of providing infrastructure focused on the growth and development of knowledge and technology to enhance the country's crisis management system and achieve Strong Iran, the National Crisis Management Organization intends, for the second consecutive time, to hold the Second International Exhibition Event of Strong Iranian Disasters Management 2023, for a duration of 3 days from January 3 to January 5, 2024, at the Imam Khomeini Mosalla in Tehran.


The scientific secretariat of this event is responsible for monitoring the capacities and capabilities of the country's crisis management and identifying elite individuals in this field. They will honor the deserving efforts in the field of the country's crisis management by awarding the National Excellence in Crisis Management Award”. 


 The side exhibition, as the largest official crisis management exhibition in Iran, covers an area of over

 40,000m2, featuring more than 1000 technological products from 30 countries worldwide. With over 100,000 visitors, it provides a significant opportunity for professionals in this field to showcase their achievements and products to senior international, national, provincial, and local crisis management executives, practitioners, and academic experts. Considering the country's risk landscape and the evolving needs of the crisis management field, this platform allows participants to steer their future scientific, executive, guild, and industrial activities and innovations in line with market demands and the direction of growth in this sector.


Participants in the event and the exhibition sections include:


1. Official Pavilion of the National Crisis Management Organization.

2. International Pavilion featuring leading countries and international organizations in the field of crisis management.

3. Exclusive Pavilion of members of the National Prevention, Command, and Crisis Response Headquarters, with representatives from 29 ministries, organizations, and departments.

4. Exclusive Pavilion of Crisis Management Provincial Directorates from across the country and provincial bodies.

5. Exclusive Pavilion for scientific societies, knowledge-based companies, growth centers, science and technology parks, and startups.

6. Exclusive Pavilion for guild associations, civil society organizations, and people-based organizations and initiatives.

7. Pavilion for industrialists and manufacturers, traders, economic-business activists, consulting and execution companies, and supply companies.

8. Professors, researchers, managers, students, and other scholars from domestic and international universities, research institutes, and educational and research centers.


In regards to the second International Exhibition Event of Strong Iranian Disasters Management 2023, the primary mission of the organizing team is to ensure a more effective and seamless participation from you in this significant national event. We assure you that all of our capable team members are dedicated to providing the high-quality services you desire and deserve for this impactful occasion. Your presence and engagement are highly valued, and the team is committed to making your experience at Strong Iran 2023 as smooth and productive as possible.


Here is a comprehensive list of services provided for your participation in the event:


1. Presentation of the latest technological capabilities and achievements, particularly in the knowledge-based field of crisis management and related areas by the Crisis Management Provincial Directorates from all over the country.


2. Assistance in strengthening domestic knowledge-based production by facilitating technical information exchange between industry, academia, and international/ national/ provincial/ local executive bodies.


3. Familiarizing executive bodies, policymakers, and crisis management stakeholders with the innovative achievements of industries and universities through the establishment of multi-organizational interactions to enhance the country's crisis management system.


4. Signing memoranda of understanding and collaboration agreements, commercial-executive contracts for the exchange of goods, services, and technical and scientific information.



Senior managers of governmental organizations are invited to support and facilitate strategic interactions in science and technology in the field of crisis management.


5. Promoting knowledge-based employment by inviting successful industry leaders to provide professional experiences in scientific panels.


6. Hosting multiple press conferences with national media coverage.


7. Supporting commercially viable ideas and inventions.


These services aim to enhance your experience at the event and foster collaboration and knowledge exchange in the field of crisis management. 

 For more information on different sections of the event and available opportunities, you can visit the event's website at www.idmevent.ir. It's important to note that due to time constraints and the high demand from interested companies to participate in the only official crisis management event in the country, if you wish to register, please contact the event's executive secretariat at 021-88816395 to complete the registration process.