How to accept, present and certificate of acceptance of articles

تاریخ ثبت: 2023/09/11

Following the frequent questions of the researchers, informs:

1- The articles received by the secretariat after uploading by the user will be sent to the presence of the honorable members of the jury committee for judging and will be accepted in the form of 1- speech 2- poster, and finally with the approval of the honorable secretary of the event, it will be accepted in the final form.

2- It should be noted that the acceptance method as a lecture or poster depends on the scientific value of the articles.

3- The documents issued for accepted articles after depositing the registration fee through the control panel have a special stamp-signature and inquiry code, and the method of accepting the articles approved by the honorable secretary of the conference will be included in it. And there is no difference for registration. Attendance and non-attendance are not included in it.

** All documents are issued officially and validly online, and the event's permanent secretariat supports the provision of services to researchers.